Elysee Dental makes high-quality dental technology accessible to all patients. In addition, Elysee Dental is involved at an early stage in scientific research into new techniques and materials so that the right care can always be guaranteed. Elysee Dental works together with dentists, dental surgeons, orthodontists, implantologists and dental students. As part of the global Modern Dental Group, we use our knowledge and scale to offer our customers and patients optimal value for money. Elysee Dental wants to be seen as an innovative organization with a predictable and reliable process. Within Elysee Dental, current regulations are followed, in particular the Code of Conduct for Medical Devices. New developments within Elysee Dental are aimed at perfect patient results, convenience and maximum efficiency for successful dentists. We work transparently and always with certified products. Elysee Dental wants to further expand its leading position in Europe.
Bio-Research Associates, Inc. develops and produces highly innovative and advanced products for the evaluation and dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint, the craniofacial musculature and the general stomatognathic system. Using “State of the Art” technologies and advanced software, Bio-Research creates unparalleled products, such as the 8-channel BioEMG III electromyography, which combines remarkable simplicity with unparalleled performance. Or, the BioJVA (Joint Vibration Analysis) system, which offers a unique opportunity to assess and evaluate temporomandibular joint damage, internal disturbances and degenerative disorders of the temporomandibular joint quickly, cheaply and non-invasively.